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Making this world a better place is really as simple as Being the Blessing - in small and sometimes large ways.

Remembering is the trick, and that's why we're here. Be the Blessing is a kindness company that exists to keep you wrapped in the message.

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Creating The Kindest Community On Earth
When Kristy and I started Be the Blessing, we had two goals. First was to create a kinder world, and second was to raise as much money as we could for organizations lifting people out of extreme poverty.

Recently we had the idea of testing out Be the Blessing on our home community - The Upper Ohio Valley surrounding Wheeling, WV. What if we could, in 1 year, create the kindest community on earth, and at the same time raise one million dollars for the Free Wheelchair Mission just to prove that we are, in fact, the kindest community on the planet?

If Be the Blessing can become the mission of the people of this community not only would we change the community we would change the world. What do you say… are you in?


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Blessings for Haiti
As we watch the horrific scenes from Haiti unfold on our TV's and online, there arises in many of us a deep need to do something. The question I am asking myself right now is... what is the best way to Be the Blessing to the people of Haiti in this crisis?

Over the coming days the people of Haiti will be transitioning from phase 1, a rescue effort, to phase 2 which is recovery, and from there into phase 3 which is rebuilding.

Phase one is usually financed and executed by governments and militaries, and unless you are trained search and rescue or are already on the ground in country, there is little you can do. The other phases leave more room for the average person to get involved.

One thing you can do is donate money to an organization that will be working on recovery and rebuilding efforts. Let me recommend agencies that were already working in Haiti before the crisis, as they have connections and necessary relationships already established.

Also give to organizations that you trust and have a track record of putting the money towards the crisis at hand.

I spoke with the folks at
Free Wheelchair Mission yesterday and they are repositioning wheelchairs as we speak to be available as the recovery phase begins. If news reports are any indication of the number of amputees this event will generate, wheelchairs are going to play a central role in recovery.

Multiple thousands of people will need to get a wheelchair or will be faced with immobility and relegated to a life on the ground. Donating a wheelchair to Haiti is a way of directly blessing someone who has been affected most deeply from this tragedy, and rather than wondering where your money went, you will know that someone is up off the ground because of you.